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RUTX50 5G Router


Teltonika RUTX50 is the new high speed, 5G industrial router providing the ideal solution for M2M / IoT connectivity applications that need high speed connectivity.

Utilising the high speed 5G connectivity quickly being rolled out across the UK, the Teltonika RUTX50 builds upon the success of the Teltonika Industrial 4G router range, including the popular RUT950, RUT955, RUT240, RUTX12 and RUTX14.

The RUTX50 router uses the tried and tested RUTX architecture with a new embedded 5G modem to deliver lightning fast 5G connectivity. Combined with the Teltonika RUTOS and RMS (Remote Management System) the RUTX50 is due to cause a stir in the crowded Industrial 5G router marketplace.

The RUTX50 price is expected to be around £695 retail with trade pricing at around £645.00.

Teltonika have announced the launch of their 5G router and 5G Gateway (TRB500) via a youtube live video launch in September where they will unveil the full RUTX50 specification and features, along with pricing and availability.

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