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Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM Cards

Unlimited Fixed IP SIM

When using a Teltonika router for remote access and monitoring when using large amounts of data you can now buy a Fixed IP SIM card with large amounts of data. These Fixed IP SIM cards are advertised as Unlimited Fixed IP SIM’s but like most things broadband related they come with a fair use policy which is usually between 500GB-650GB per month.

This means that if you are remotely connecting to a CCTV IP Camera / CCTV NVR using a 4G mobile broadband service and are fed up of large bills every month when you use more than your 20GB or 50GB inclusive data allowance normally used by CCTV installers and users then an unlimited data fixed IP SIM card can be the best solution for you. Costing just a little bit more than a normal 20GB Fixed IP SIM you can now fix your monthly remote access costs without the worry of overspending.

These mobile broadband data SIM cards are available on several different networks and come with a fixed, public IP address. This means that you can directly connect to your Teltonika router and use port forwarding to connect to the devices on the LAN.

These SIM Cards work on 4G and 5G where available and of course the type of router you install it into. At the time of writing this Teltonika routers are only available with embedded 4G modems, but when you are able to purchase a Teltonika 5G router in the future these SIM cards will work with your new 5G router.

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  1. Can I have some info on sim pricing please

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