Teltonika RMS

Teltonika RMS Information and Pricing

Teltonika RMS (Remote Management System) is designed to conveniently monitor and manage all your Teltonika networking devices including RUT2XX, RUT8XX and RUT9XX routers.

The system allows to securely gather status information of your devices and to change their configuration even if the devices do not have public IP addresses.

Teltonika RMS is sold on a per unit basis with 100 unit minimum order.

1 RMS unit = 1 Device for 1 month RMS access and the price per RMS unit is £2.50

So – if you have a single Teltonika RUT950 then you would buy 100 units which would provide you with 100 months (8 years) of RMS – Total price will be £250.00 upfront cost for 100 months of RMS

But let’s face it – most users that want RMS will have multiple units therefore we show you an example below for a customer that wants RMS for 10 devices.

10 devices x 12 months = 120 RMS units = £300.00

and scaling this up

50 devices x 12 months = 600 RMS units = £1500.00