Using DYNDNS with the RUT950

One of the most common applications for the Teltonika RUT950 is to provide high speed mobile broadband internet connectivity for remote monitoring and management – such as CCTV, Digital Signage/Remote Media and Wind/Solar Energy monitoring and in most of these applications the use will need to remotely connect to the devices connected to the LAN of the Teltonika RUT950.

Many people assume that you can just use DYNDNS and the RUT950 does have DYNDNS settings – HOWEVER……….

In the UK none of the 4G networks will provide your 4G connection with a PUBLIC IP Address – this means that DYNDNS will not work.

As far as we are aware the only mobile network provider that will allocate your connection with a PUBLIC IP Address is 3mobile (and only if you use the APN setting of “3internet” and configure your router to connect at 3G speeds only) – when you are allocated a PUBLIC IP address then you can use DYNDNS

So How Do I Remotely Connect To My Teltonika RUT950?

There are two options

1. 4G Fixed IP SIM Cards

These are available from MVNO (Mobile Virtual network Operators) who have invested in their own network infrastructure and have connections into the mobile networks and are able to provide the Fixed IP element of the 4G connection.

These 4G Fixed IP SIM cards are available with a public IP address which means that it can be accessed by anybody via the internet and this is the simplest and cost effective method for one or two connections.

The other 4G Fixed IP SIM card solution is a PRIVATE Fixed IP address – so whilst the IP address is fixed, you will need to create a VPN to your fixed IP sim card provider before you can connect to your devices.  This method usually incurs a cost for the VPN link which can be expensive for just a few SIM cards – but for larger installations the actual cost per SIM is lower and the data is aggregated across the account.

2. VPN

You can configure the Teltonika RUT950 to create a VPN to your main office router or VPN server – that way the RUT950 becomes part of your Wide Area Network.

The RUT950 would be configured as the VPN CLIENT and would need to connect to your office VPN SERVER.


Our recommendation is that you use a Fixed IP SIM Card to provide a reliable and consistent service and to take advantage of things like SIM management Portal and Public and Private IP addressing provided by Fixed IP SIM Card Providers.  A Good example of a Fixed IP SIM Card service is that provided by Neowave.