RUT950 Bootloader

You might find that your older RUT950 experiences problems with updating newer firmware.  It might display a message like like Firmware is bigger than available memory.

If this is the case then please update router’s bootloader.

New bootloader can be found in link below. You will also find detailed instructions with pictures inside. This is what you should do:

Download Teltonika RUT9xx Bootloader ZIP File

  • First of all please set static IP address on your network interface (e.g.
  • Use private/incognito Web browsers window with cleared/disabled cache
  • Power on the device while holding reset button. Flashing all 4 Ethernet LEDs indicates that bootloader’s webserver has started.
  • Access router via web browser
  • Upload new bootloader’s fw “uboot_for_tlt_rut900_3.0.1_webui”.
  • Wait few minutes. Routers LEDs should stop flashing. Only LED with LAN cable connected to that port should be active.
  • Power off the device.
  • Power on the device while holding reset button again.
  • Access router via web browser