RUT950 4G Connection Issues

If you are having problems getting your Teltonika RUT950 4G Router connected to your mobile provider - here are a few things to try.

For the new RUT950 router with Telit Module (the router has the new industrial power connector)

On the APN settings page - try ticking the Use IPv4 box if the RUT950 does not properly connect to the mobile network.

You should also download the latest RUT950 FIRMWARE - click here

RUT950 Support

If you need addition support to fix your Teltonika RUT950 problem then your first contact should be to your supplier IE. the company that supplied and invoiced you for the goods.  They should be able to provide first line support.

If after trying to resolve the issue with your RUT950 router and it is established that the router is faulty and is out of warranty then your choices are to get the RUT950 router repaired.  Typically this can take up to four weeks if you return it directly to Teltonika in Lithuania and the cost of repair and carriage to and from Lithuania may mean that it is only slighly less than purchasing a brand new Teltonika router.  At this point you can choose to simply replace it with a new RUT950 router or upgrade to a new Teltonika 5G Router or switch to a different 4G router or 5G router.  At this time it may be worthwhile to also renew your Fixed IP SIM card contract as you will need to visit site to replace the router so it could be an opportunity to switch Fixed IP SIM providers and save some money on the monthly rentals of your 4G SIM Card or even upgrade to a 5G Fixed IP SIM Card.