Robustel 4G Routers

Robustel 4G Routers


Robustel 4G routers provide fast and reliable communication for monitoring and controlling remote equipment. All Robustel LTE routers by default have a standard reboot. The standard option enables routers to reboot via SMS.

The R2000 and R2110 4G routers also feature Smart Roaming Technology, an application that improves GSM connection reliability to the levels required by IoT and M2M solution providers. If connection is lost or has poor quality, the smart roaming application in the router will dynamically assess the quality of alternative networks and change to the next best option.  This makes the Robustel routers ideal for use with a roaming 4G Fixed IP SIM Card.

R1510 - £127.50 - including 1 x Wifi and 1 x 4G antenna 

R2000 - £169.00 - including 1 x Wifi and 2 x 4G antenna 

R2110 - £248.00 - including 1 x Wifi and 2 x 4G antenna 

Prices excl VAT and Delivery

The Robustel Router can act as a fully integrated IoT Edge Gateway, removing the need for the typical two box solution of PC and router.