4G Antennas

The Teltonika RUT950 4G Router is supplied with 2 x elbow joint 4G antennas with SMA Male Connectors which will provide adequate signal reception for most installations however if the router is installed in a location with a poor 3G or 4G signal then you could connect a different 4G antenna which can be located in a position with a better 4G signal.

An typical example of this is a construction site office that needs 4G connectivity but the 4G router needs to be installed inside a temporary site office which is metal construction so the 3G/4G signal inside the site office is very low but there is a good 3G/4G signal outdoors.  In this example a high gain outdoor antenna such as the Fullband MIMORAD can be installed outdoors and this will deliver the mobile signal along the antenna cables to the router.  The Fullband 4G MiMo Antenna is supplied with 2 x 5m long cables with SMA male connectors so can screw directly to the MAIN and AUX antenna ports of the Teltonika RUT950 router.

Fullband 4G MiMo Antenna

Another example is that the Teltonika RUT950 4G Router is installed inside a data cabinet so it is just the cabinet that is causing the signal loss, however the cabinet itself will be located in a position with good 3G and 4G network coverage in which case a hole mounted or magnetic mount antenna installed on the top of the cabinet can be used .

Examples of these are the Fullband FB4GMAG3 and FB4GMAG7 which are magnetic mount 3G and 4G Antennas that have 2.5m and 5m cables respectively and the MAG3 version has a 3dBi peak gain whilst the MAG7 version has 7dBi peak gain – the higher gain antenna is to compensate for the signal loss along the length of the cable.  For a hole mounted antenna then the Fullband FB4GDOME antenna can be mounted on the top of the cabinet.

Fullband MAG3 AntennaFullband MAG7 4G AntennaFullband Dome 4G Antenna


Westlake Connect Ltd / 3G Router Store stock a wide range of compatible 4G Antennas for use with the Teltonika RUT950 4G Router.