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RUT950 4G Router
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 by roger stevens
ok for amateurs too

Firstly, I'm not a fitter, in fact I have no idea what most of the terminology on here means but I thought I would make a comment to re-assure end users like myself that it's not rocket science.
My home system was installed by 'Notspot' in the UK, great to deal with, always willing to help and always available by phone. BT finally got around to installing home super fast broadband so I re-located the RUT950 to my motorhome where it works fantastically with a small puck antenna. I was able to upgrade it, change passwords etc.. without a problem. You will certainly need a professional installation but the router works so well without intervention it doesn't seem to need me to know anything technical, touch wood. I would have given 5 stars but it is a bit ugly.

 by Hans de Jong
Bad Rouer

Bought these router for our warehouse but after a few months replace them by peplink device because always trouble, connection lost etc etc. Peplink does not show these problems. So, do not buy this device unless you like connection problems.

 by Tom
RUT950 is good product but don't buy from 4GON

Been buying these on and off for a few years and I really like them, but today I tried to purchase from 4GON in the UK who advertise a price match offer on their website.  I emailed them with the details that I could see it for sale at £128.00 each from 3G Router Store (compared to 4GON price of £165.10 each) and Alex Neal from 4GON emailed back saying that they cannot price match it becuase 3G Router Store "falsely advertising unrealistic pricing and stock availability" and Alex also told me that 3G Router Store "don't actually hold stock"

Alex then offered a price of £159.50 for the RUT950.

Anyway - needless to say I just ordered it from 3G Router Store who have already confirmed my order (with serial number and IMEI of router that they are sending) and confirm that it comes with DIN Rail Kit and I received my email with tracking details - lets just hpe that the courier can deliver it in time now because of the snow.

When I passed on the comments from 4GON to 3G router store, They were not surprised that 4GON had to slander them in this way, but they said it was quite common and that several customers tell them the same story.

So - to save you the misery of having to be disappointed by the wasted time of dealing with 4GON, I would recommend that you just order from 3G Router Store who sell the RUT950 with the DIN Rail kit and have them in stock.

Only thing about the RUT950 I don't like is the lack of changelog and frequent firmware updates, but if it works when I install it then I am happy to leave the firmware updates for a while until I next visit site and so far it has not been a problem.

 by Michael
good modem, but the firmware aspect is tiring

I've got this modem in use as backup/failover gateway. It does its job but when it comes to problems or just updating the firmware for keeping it up to date, problems arise. First of all I cannot login to the email service for firmware downloads whatsoever. Support is complicated but not slow (see other comments). But seriously, reconfigure the device after every firmware update? And it is not recommended to upload previous config files? Common, you can do better than that, it's 2018 already. I have to change my firewall rules for that and I'm accessing the modem via remote access to my firewall that actually manages the failover strategy. But on the other hand there's the price, so I can't really complain, can I? 😉

 by MK
...FW Changelog

I meant "end of life" of FW change-log 🙂

Personally, I was asking Teltonika very often to get such change-log but I received it only once... so I was full of hope after you started with your own change-log 🙂

HiI think from next week the changelog will be updated more frequently and will probably be released at the same time as the new firmware.regards

 by Teuvo Lyytikäinen
A good choice for small businesses

This router has a very nice feature of load-balancing 4G and another 4G over wan port using bridged 4G modem. Very easy and cheap to get double download / upload speed and backup line using different 4G ISP. But there is one BIG need for improvement! Load-balancing should have a sticky mode because many websites block login requests if the ip-address changes during the session. Now the router forces to configure all those websites separately to use only one static line and that breaks the benefit of double speed and backup line. Could you ask Teltonika to implement sticky? It's available on Mwan3 package.
In my opinion it would be a very intresting solutions for small business companies. Cheap, reliable internet connection with public ip.

 by MK
FW changelog

FW-changelog on your website does not fit to the newest FWs uploaded...
Is it its end of life?

Hi MariuszThe RUT950 is not end of life and there are no plans for this product to go EOL as it is a very popular product.The changelog will be updated in the next few days.Regards

 by Ernst Wagner
Firmware Updates...

Firmware Updates are ok. Even if it's almost weekly.
But changelogs would be more important..
Also update with old configuration or backup would be great and time saving.
At least you can see now, that there is a new update. (earlier there was no information, you could only donwload from third-party sites).
Hardware changes should also be announced like firmware updates.
WHY did the antenna connectors change? It was always the other way and now the connector changed and don't event say LTE MAIN or LTE AUX like earlier...
These improvements need to be taken in action.

 by Dimitri Foussekis
Still cannot save configuration during firmware updates

The title says it all. In 2017, Teltonika abuses users with (weekly!) firmware updates. And despite that most of them are bug-fixes (not new features), they force users to configuring all our modems i) from scratch and ii) locally. What else to say?

 by Nadir
problem very often to register the Devices in monitoring Portal.

We are having problem very often to register the Devices in monitoring Portal. Do you have a tip. We are using RUT950 with latest version as well older. Same problem.

Hi NadirThank you for your comments Some customers experience this when attempting to use the demo management portal which will not allow connections. Did you pay your RMS annual subscription to your supplier? If so they will need to check the status of your account and confirm your authorized user name and password for you. You will need a new subscription for each router you want to use with the RMS platform.

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