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Teltonika RUTOS 7.05 Basic Configuration Video

In this video we show you how to make a basic configuration of the Teltonika RUT200, RUT901 and RUT906 4G routers that are running RUTOS 7.05 (released November 2023)

The video shows the initial login and then the forced password change which is a great security feature – make sure you make a secure record of the new password because if you forget it then you will need to factory reset the router and log-in using the password printed on the base of the router.

The video then shows how to change the router APN to manual and enter the APN – we are using a Fixed IP SIM card with a public IP address and APN of M2M – this will then provide the Teltonika router with an Internet connection with a fixed, public IP address. This will enable remote access to the router from the public Internet which is another good reason for changing your router web admin password. A fixed IP SIM with public IP address also means that , as well as remotely configuring and managing the router you can use port forwarding to connect to devices on the LAN.

The video then shows the configuration of port forwarding and how to enable remote admin for the router and in this case we change the router web admin port to port 81 so we can use port 80 in the port forwarding rule. Finally the video shows how to enable the ping reboot feature which is a keep alive feature found in most Industrial 4G routers so that when the router is disconnected by the mobile network then it can recognise this and reboot to re-establish the 4G connection. This feature is definitely recommended to be enabled due to the fact that 4G cellular connections are an always available and not an always on service. This means that the local cell tower, when at capacity, may disconnected devices so that new users can connect. The mast still tells the router that it is connected to the mast, but the Internet connection may be unavailable which is why the ping reboot pings an IP address on the internet rather than just checking it has a connection to the 4G mast.

You can also view the Teltonika video here which covers the highlights of the RUTOS 7.05 firmware.

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