Technical Support

If you need technical support for your Teltonika RUT950 or RUT955 4G router then it is the policy of Teltonika that you need to contact your supplier.

That means that if you purchased your RUT950 / RUT955 4G router from ebay or Amazon then you will need to contact the ebay / Amazon seller and they will be the ones to provide Technical support.

If you contact Teltonika directly for support they will refer you back to your supplier.

We would recommend that you purchase your Teltonika router from a specialist 3G / 4G Router provider who can then assist you if you need help with your router configuration.

Teltonika Returns / Repairs

The average lead time for a repair for your RUT950 / RUT955 4G router is 6-8 weeks and you will need to return your router to your original supplier who will then have to return it to Teltonika on your behalf.

Teltonika only provide a 12 month return to base warranty and there is no option for advanced replacements to keep you up and running whilst you are waiting for your router to be repaired and returned.