T-Bar 5GNR/4G/3G/2G Peel-and-Stick Ground Plane Independent Antenna



Introducing 5GNR Technology in a Low-Cost and Simple Antenna Solution
2J Antennas brings 5GNR technology to our T-Bar product series by offering our new Ground Plane Independent Peel-and-Stick Antenna (2J5283P). This solution combines wideband multi-application device functionality that caters to 5GNR, 4GLTE, 3G, 2G and CDMA technologies operating within 617 MHz to 5925 MHz frequencies. The 2J5283P is a low-cost solution with easy installation through the simple peel-and-stick application making this antenna ideal for commercial, industrial and consumer industries.
Suggested applications include:
-Automotive-Industrial and Consumer IoT-Telemetry-Telematics-Commercial and Home Automation-HD Video High-Speed Streaming-High Volume MIMO Networks
The 2J5283P brings exceptional signal strength and quality in a 360-degree radiation pattern due to its omni-directional design while maintaining high peak gains and efficiencies. This antenna is designed with CAT-M technology taking LTE into the next generation of IoT applications making it fully compatible with existing LTE networks and reducing implementation costs for carriers via backward-compatibility.  In addition, this antenna is a great solution to prepare for worldwide future technology such as NR (New Radio). 2J5283P offers NB-IoT (CAT-M2) designed to send data directly to primary servers eliminating the need for a gateway and keeping implementation costs low.
Installation / Environmental
With overall dimensions of only 117.4 x 12.5 x 6.5 mm, high-quality adhesive tape and PC/ABS UV stable housing, the 2J5283P can be installed on any glass or ABS surfaces found in the most extreme outdoor environments without any risk of failure. The 2J5283P features a standard SMA-Male connector and a 300 cm long LL100 cable. 2J Antennas also offers a wide range of alternative connectors and cables to meet our customers’ most unique design requirements.  As an added measure, this antenna was designed with ground plane independence in order to eliminate any grounding restrictions during the installation process. The health of the environment is important to 2J Antennas; therefore, all our products are manufactured without hazardous materials making us fully REACH and RoHS compliant.

Technologies 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G
Frequency 617-960, 1427-2690, 3300-5000, 5150-5925
Return Loss (dB) ~-8.5, ~-10.9, ~-13.5, ~-11.7
VSWR ~2.9:1, ~2.0:1, ~1.7:1, ~1.9:1
Efficiency (%) ~58.6, ~58.5, ~40.3, ~30.0
Peak Gain (dBi) ~2.0, ~2.4, ~4.6, ~5.8
Impedance (Ohm) 50
Polarisation Linear
Radiation Pattern Omni-Directional
Max. Input Power (W) 25


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