Ray IRIDIUM 1616-1627MHz High Performance Marine Pole Mount Antenna



Suggested applications include:
– Satellite Communication- Marine Applications (commercial or leisure)- Critical Communications- Climate Monitoring / Ocean Profiling – Marine Research
The antenna operates with high efficiency (~76%), well above the industry standard, and maintains a high ~4.5 dBic peak gain. Designed with RHCP hemispherical radiation pattern provides exceptional signal strength on horizontal and vertical planes maintaining continuous communications links. This is necessary in remote ocean applications where safety and emergency communication is critical.

Standards IRIDIUM
Frequency 1616-1627
VSWR ~1.2:1
Efficiency (%) ~76
Passive Gain (dBiC) ~4.5
Impedance (Ohm) 50
Axial Ratio (dB) 3 max
Radiation Pattern Hemispherical
Polarisation RHCP


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