5GNR/UHF/4GLTE/3G/2G Rigid Fiberglass Self-Adhesive Mount Antenna

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This antenna is manufactured out of high-grade rigid fiberglass that can withstand extreme temperatures ranging between -40C and 85C, making it ideal for extreme indoor or outdoor device applications.
For optimal antenna performance, we recommend maximizing the position, orientation, cable routing and the tuning of matching components during the antenna integration process for optimal antenna performance.
The 2JP1180P comes with a standard U.FL connector and 1.37mm Mini-Coax cable measuring 180mm in length. Our team of experts is available to assist in customizing options by offering a wide range of alternative connectors and cables for absolute customer satisfaction. We proudly offer antenna integration services, including full antenna parameter reports for impedance and OTA (over the air) measurements. 2J Antennas supports the health of our environment and production staff by manufacturing all our products without hazardous materials while maintaining full REACH and RoHS compliance.

Technologies 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G
Frequency 410-496, 617-960, 1427-2690, 3300-5000, 5150-5925
Return Loss (dB) ~-5.9, ~-14.1, ~-13.2, ~-9.3, ~-9.1
VSWR ~3.1:1, ~1.5:1, ~1.7:1, ~2.6:1, ~2.6:1
Efficiency (%) ~26.0, ~53.0, ~63.8, ~31.5, ~30.8
Peak Gain (dBi) ~-3.2, ~1.6, ~4.2, ~0.4, ~2.7
Impedance (Ohm) 50
Polarisation Linear
Radiation Pattern Omni-Directional
Max. Input Power (W) 25


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