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Please feel free to comment below about the RUT950 / RUT955 and any suggestions or improvements about the product or share your information with other users about the Teltonika configuration.


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  1. Suggestion: it could be a good thing to include in the router config the possibility to connect as main WAN or backup WAN to a WPA2 enterprise wifi network.

    For the moment, it is only possible by WPA2.


  2. Owner of a RUT955 and would like to have a chance to import my backup of my initial configuration after the firmware upgrades which come more or less twice per week…

  3. have just bought an RUT950 router and have a suggestion to add in future updates.

    The router currently has an LTE or 3G only service mode option that the user can choose from. The mobile network I use currently uses two LTE bands (1800 and 2300), where 1800 is superior in terms of performance (speed and latency).

    It would be beneficial if an additional option was added after choosing “LTE Only” service mode that specifies the band that the router will connect to.

  4. Is there a way to edit the IMEI in the software? That would be useful for some couriers who limit the functionality of IMEI that start with 8.

  5. I have just purchased a RUT950 and are trying to connect it to a Dahua IP Camera. The camera has previously been connected to a Dovado Router.
    The question is when I connect the IP Camera to the RUT950 it doesn’t show as a connected device under LAN. The IP Camera is setup with a Static IP Address. If I change it from static to DHCP then it shows straight away.
    I need the Camera set as a Static as I need to port forward it to allow remote connection.
    I have checked the Gateway address and all standard settings but it wont connect as a Static device. I tried my laptop on the router as well and it doesn’t show as a connected device when setup as Static IP.
    It worked fine connected to the Dovado router as a Static Device so I am obviously missing something, probably something obvious.
    I am sure there is a simple solution to this that I am missing. Is anyone able to shed some light on what it is?
    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Hi Andrew

      If you manually configure the IP address of your camera and connect it to the Teltonika then it is correct that the Teltonika will not show it. The Teltonika router will only show a list of devices that the RUT950 has allocated IP addresses to in the DHCP table.

      By all means give your camera a static IP address and just configure port forwarding to direct traffic to the IP address of your camera – HOWEVER THE FIRST RULE OF PORT FORWARDING IS THAT YOU CAN ACCESS YOUR ROUTER OVER THE INTERNET.

      Most businesses will use a Fixed IP SIM Card to provide them with the ability to communicate with the router over the Internet so that port forwarding will work. If you are not using A fixed IP SIM card then you will need to work out a way to communicate with your router over the internet. See the link below about your choice of SIM card.

  6. I bought the RUT950 in part because of its claimed support for IPv6, but very disappointed with the lack of support. The router does pick up an IPv6 address from my LTE network, but it provides no IPv6 configuration options, and no IPv6 services to connected devices.
    Are there any instructions available for properly enabling IPv6 via the CLI?
    Will IPv6 management be included in the web interface in a future firmware update?
    I certainly hope so!

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