Teltonika RUT950 4G Router

RUT950 4G Router Overview

The Teltonika RUT950 LTE 4G Router is a low cost M2M 4G Router solution for remote management and monitoring.  This is an embedded 4G Router with dual SIM card slots so you can use the SIM card in SIM slot A as your primary mobile broadband service and if the primary service is unavailable, for example the local basestation is down, then the Teltonika 4G-RUT950 can use the SIM card in SIM Slot B – It will not use both SIM cards at the same time becuase the Teltonika router only contains a single 4G modem.


The RUT950 includes a single embedded LTE 4G module to provide a high speed 4G connection or can also use 3G and 2G network services if 4G is unavailable.

Featuring two SIM card slots, the RUT950 will use SIM card ONE for the primary 3G/4G connection and can then be configured to failover to SIM Card TWO in the event that the primary mobile network becomes unavailable.  This dual SIM feature makes it even more reliable for your mission critical M2M remote management and monitoring applications.

The RUT950 is supplied with 2 x Cellular Antennas and 2 x WiFi antennas.  The Cellular antennas can be replaced with an external high gain outdoor antenna if the router is going to be located in a position with poor network signal but there is a strong signal nearby outdoors.  The 4G antennas have standard SMA male connectors.  For an outdoor high gain 4G Antenna we recommend the Fullband MIMORAD 4G MIMO Antenna for optimum 4G performance.


Teltonika RUT950

Inserting the SIM Cards Into the RUT950 4G Router.

The rear panel of the Teltonika 4G-RUT950 is removed to enable the SIM cards to be inserted – this keeps the SIM cards secure.

The two SIM card slots are to provide failover to a backup mobile data network in the event that the primary 4G network is unavailable.  This dual SIM 4G router will not provide load balancing or bonding between the two SIM cards – it only contains a single 4G modem so the router can only use one of the inserted SIM cards at a time.

The router will work with just a single SIM card inserted.

RUT950 Dual SIM Card Slots


Teltonika RUT950 Applications.

Providing a high speed wireless 3G/4G mobile broadband solution with enhanced features for network connection reliability the RUT950 4G Router is ideal for use in a wide range of applications and industries.

RUT950 Applications


  • Wind Energy
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Small Business
  • Construction
  • ATM
  • Field Service
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Public Safety
  • Rail
  • Water Industry
  • Building management
  • Digital Signage / Remote Media


The information on these pages regarding the Teltonika 4G-RUT950 4G Router is courtesy of Westlake Connect Ltd/ 3G Router Store.

Do you need an altrernative to the RUT950 / RUT955?

The Amit range of M2M 4G routers provides a robust and reliable alternative at a similar price point.  Westlake Connect / 3G Router store will have the Amit VHG760 Compact 4G Router in stock from March 2018 – this router provides 2 x Ethernet ports, 802.11n WiFi and GPS with all the usual M2M features and VPN and is also E-Mark certified so ideal for use as a vehicle 4G router as well as normal M2M 4G router.  Amit also provide Management Software that you can run on your own server for a one-off upfront cost so extra savings for larger installed bases that require Remote Monitoring and Management software platform.